March Madness 2018 Basketball Bracket

March Madness gambling is fast approaching, where 65 NCAA basketball teams will duke it out to become the national champion. The teams will converge on 8 locations to start March Madness across the United States. The number of teams will slowly dwindle until the final four. The final four is a lofty goal for any team but to make it the national championship game is the real prize. The prize for millions of others will be won on countless online betting establishments.

March madness betting is the second biggest sport bet in terms of dollars being wagered on the net, right behind the NFL. If you are going to be march madness wagering this year be sure you follow our guidelines. First thing to remember is to play at a quality sportsbook like the ones listed on our website and in this article. We personally bet and wager at every one of these books daily and have had wonderful experiences march madness betting.

Bookmaker March Madness Bracket Contest

Enter Bracket Madness Contest on Bookmaker to win CASH and PRIZES

March Madness Bracket Contest

Prize StructurePrizes will be determined by correct picks in the bracket and the cumulative total of points scored by each contestant. In the event of a tie, the position winner will be the contestant who most closely predicts the Grand Salami (the combined total amount of points that will be scored in the last three games – i.e. both games of The Final Four on March 31st, 2012, plus the National Championship Game on April 2nd, 2012). In the case that more than one contestant correctly predicts the Grand Salami, the winner will be determined by the earlier entry date and time. Only one winner per position will be allowed.

Winners will be notified by E-mail. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to keep his/her E-mail information in their account up-to-date and accurate. If after thirty (30) calendar days the winner fails to acknowledge their prize, their winning entry will be forfeited.

Finally, A Bracket Contest You Can't Lose!

1st - $10,000 CASH

2nd - $5,000 CASH

3rd - $2,500 CASH

4th to 100th - 15,000 BetPoints + Extras!

101st to 150th - 7,500 BetPoints + Extras!

151th to 300th - 3,500 BetPoints + Extras!

301st to 500th - 1,000 BetPoints + Extras!

501st to 1,000th - 500 BetPoints + Extras!

1,001st to 2,500th - 100 BetPoints + Extras!

2501st to 5,000th - 75 BetPoints + Extras!

5,001st to Last Place - 50 BetPoints

All cash and bonuses awarded will be in the national currency of the winner’s account.

How to enter

To receive an entry, contestants must have opened a new account at and make a deposit of US$300 or more (or currency equivalent). Or, if the contestant is already a customer, by re-loading their betting account with US$300 or more.

With each deposit of $300 or more you’ll receive one (1) free contest entry.

For example, a $300 deposit will earn the customer one (1) free contest entry. A $600 deposit will only earn the customer one (1) free contest entry.

Additional entries can be obtained by redeeming 2,000 BetPoints (Gold), 1,500 BetPoints (Platinum), 1000 BetPoints (Diamond) or can be purchased for US$10 each. Customers may enter as many times as they like.


The deadline for registering and entering submissions for the contest is March 15, 2012 at 1 minute prior to the start of the first game of the NCAA tournament. The sole determinant of time for the purposes of the Contest will be the Contest server machine(s). Contestants entering picks close to the posted deadline do so with this information in mind.


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